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Asiascape Vistas is a forum for discussion about the many and various dimensions of cyberculture found in or originating from East Asia. Its focus is on the interplay between these media and questions of politics & philosophy. Contributions are from the academic collective responsible for the core project, but other contributions will also be considered by that collective.
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Public lecture & manga exhibition opening

Our Spotlight Taiwan Artist-in-Residence, Dr. Lien Fan Shen, has settled into The Netherlands and started her masterclass series on gender representations in popular culture at Leiden University's Honours Academy on June 4.
In addition to the technical and theoretical aspects of visualising sexuality in various media, Dr. Shen introduced her residency project--storyboarding for her upcoming animated documentary on female masculinity in Taiwan--to a diverse group of masterclass students hailing from anthropology, film studies, gender studies, graphic design, law, liberal arts and sciences, literature, philosophy, and psychology.  We look forward to hearing more as these intimate and intensive masterclasses continue, and to seeing the fruits of everyone's creativity at the final exhibition opening at the very end of this month, preceded by a public lecture programme featuring Dr. Shen's keynote on "(Re)visualizing femininity/masculinity".

You are most warmly invited to join Dr. Shen and her masterclass students on the early evening of Monday 30 June 2014 at the Leiden Honours Academy for the final lecture and festive opening of the residency exhibition.

17:00 - 18:00 Lecture programme
    • Welcome by Prof. Willemien den Ouden (Dean, Leiden Honours Academy)
    • Remarks by Mr. James Lee (Taiwan's Representative in The Netherlands)
    • Introduction by Dr. Cissie Fu (Co-Founder, Political Arts Initiative)
    • Keynote lecture by Dr. Lien Fan Shen (Artist-in-Residence)
    • Closing words and exhibition opening by Prof. Chris Goto-Jones (Director,; Co-Founder, Political Arts Initiative)
    18:00 - 19:00 Exhibition reception

    Do join us for a chat, drink, snack, and stroll through the residency exhibition, which highlights the artistic output of Dr. Shen's residency project as well as the manga creations by her masterclass students.

    This event is free and open to the public.  Please find further details and register here.  We greatly look forward to welcoming you on the 30th!