asiascape vistas

Techno-Culture, New Politics, and Philosophy in East Asia

Asiascape Vistas is a forum for discussion about the many and various dimensions of cyberculture found in or originating from East Asia. Its focus is on the interplay between these media and questions of politics & philosophy. Contributions are from the academic collective responsible for the core project, but other contributions will also be considered by that collective.
If you wish to contribute to Asiacape Vistas, please send an email using the form on the contact page.

What is our language policy?

asiascape vistas recognizes that intelligent discourse takes place in all languages and, furthermore, we recognize that translation is a suboptimal way to deal with the variety of expression possible in different languages and communicative modes. Hence, this site will publish pieces in their original languages, be that English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean … French, Klingon … and will publish without translation. Comments, responses and discussion can be in any language, most natural to the conversation or to the writer. That is, discourse here should be genuinely multi-lingual.
In addition, we are happy to consider less conventional submissions within the parameters of this inclusive language policy. Taking seriously the notion that techno-culture is transformative of the public sphere, we are happy to accept submissions in graphic forms, audio forms, or interactive forms.

Inquiries can be sent to the editorial collective.